We're planning a dinner party at Trumpington Meadows of freshly grown food and want you to join us in helping to grow and eat it!

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New allotments and community garden are being developed in Cambridge at Trumpington Meadows.

Bring where your food grows a little closer to home

We are planning a dinner party of fresh food grown at Trumpington Meadows and want you to join us.

The site for the new allotments was home to the Plant Breeding Institute (PBI) between 1948 and the 1980’s, over this time developing 32 varieties of 14 different crops.

The Trumpington Meadows art programme has been conceived to afford artists the opportunity to perform a diversity of roles, to support the development of this new part of Cambridge

Recipe for lettuce wraps

Globodera rostochiensis, commonly known as the golden nematode, golden eelwormor yellow potato cyst nematode, is a plant pathogenic nematode.

In the UK, our food travels 30 billion kilometres each year

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The Maris Piper potato was developed at the allotment site (named after the nearby Maris Lane)

Tomas Klassnik of The Klassnik Corporation is constructing a series of images, objects and events to inspiring us to think differently about the relationship of food production to our homes and cities